The breakfast

Prepared according to the day's inspiration, with simplicity, the breakfast is served in the dining room, or on the small terasse, with the pleasant sound of the Place Roy's fountain. (In winter, we listen to beautiful music…!!!)

petit dejeuner gite

Among other things, we will prepare you vanilla french toasts with grilled butter nuts, terasse scrambled eggs with aged cheddar, “crêpes” with maple syrup, or “Fanny”'s plate with a soft-boiled egg, pieces of fresh tomatos scented with olive oil and pink pepper, pieces of fresh Parmesan cheese, a warm cinnamon “brioche” and a delicious piece of ripe papaye. There are always fresh fruits and coffee made with various torrefactions. Tea lovers will be able to make their choice among vanilla black tea, green tea, lychee tea, chaï tea, and some other lucky finds of the season.

The schedules are flexible on request. For special diets, simply please let us know.

Bon appétit!

dining room
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